Space Ball - Space Cube

Name : Space Ball  - Space Cube               Category : Mobile 

At a parade or a big event, the Space Balls are a great option to get noticed. Visible from afar and can be illuminated for evening specials, the Space Balls attract attention thanks to their immense shape and the possibility of being twirled in the air by our ambassadors dancers or circus artists. A service to try!

Features : 

  • Gigantic and mobile sphere for outdoor promotional trips.
  • Light, comfortable and very versatile in terms of acrobatic movements. 
  • Brand ambassadors can wear the colores of the product, your business or a monochrome one piece.

Marketing benefits:

  • Display possible 360 degrees for le Space Ball and 4 sides for the Space Cube. 
  • Large display area that can be seen from very high and far.
  • This concept allows ambassadors artists under the vallon to move as they wish (dances, acrobatics, etc.).

Technical  specifications:

  • Autonomy of helium balloons : 1 to 2 days (depending on the weather conditions) 
  • Need  ______m2 helium / balloon.
  • Possibilities : Can be suspended from the ceiling or placed on a base (if inflated with air).
  • Ability to integrate LED lights indoors for the evening promotion. 
  • Material : resistant PVC.

Dimensions and shapes : 

  • Sphere : from 1 to 5 meters of diameter. 
  • Possible forms: spherical or cubic

The perfect solution for : 

Major outdoor events such as …

  • Concerts, shows and sportive events.
  • Festivals, parties, parades, parks, streets, launches and much more!