About us

Who is UTURN Promo?

It is the agency that puts your brand under the spotlight. With UTURN, consumers will not only will look to see what is happening, they will literally make detour to come and interact with your brand!

It is a brand new entity that offers freshness, novelty and innovation, while offering experience, background and valuable knowledge. The best of both worlds !

It is a company born from a common vision of three experienced associates,Rudy Magnan, Lise De Beaujour and Richard Quesnel, from the world of entertainment, marketing, sales and creative display solutions.

Our MISSION: Enrich and enhance the reputation of your brand in a bold way by providing consumers with an ultimate, captivating, and immersive experience. By mastering art and magic, we create a unique moment that puts your brand under the spotlight. UTURN promo, is worth the detour.