Pixel Man

Name : Pixel Man                 Category : Mobile  

Pixel-Man is the perfect medium to broadcast your video ads, trailers, commercials and more. The possibilities are endless. Pixel Man instantly attracts attention through their movements, sound and image. They awaken all senses.

For all types of major events, dare our Pixel Men!

Features : 

  • LCD mobile screen that circulate easily indoor and outdoor.
  • Multimedia projections, videos, photo montages, interactive applications and more !
  • Brand ambassadors can wear the colours of the brand, your company or a monochrome uniform « one piece ».

Marketing benefits:

  • Cover a large audience in a very short time. Possible version : in Roller-Blade.
  • Dynamic display of a video or application on the LCD screen.
  • Static display on the back on PVC.
  • The possibilities of interactions with the participants are endless. 
  • Perfect for a daily or evening promotion.

Technical specifications:

  • LCD screen with integrated  wireless network card. Optional wireless router..
  • Rechargeable battery life : 5 hours with a full charges. 
  • Android operating system allowing use of all types of applications. 

Dimensions and weight : 

  • Front LCD monitor : 24’’ 
  • Dimension of the poster behind: 
  • Weight : 20 pounds

Ideal for : 

  • Shows, conventions, movies, concerts, sportives events.. 
  • Festivals, launches, parks, streets, metro and much more!