Media Man

Name : Media Man                   Category : Mobile  

To notice our brand ambassadors, go with the Media Men. These technological sandwich men are ideal for attracting customer attention, day and night. With screens on their backs that broadcast what you want, our ambassadors can talk about your product and distribute promotional items during the event. Simple but effective! 

Features : 

  • LCD mobile screen that circulate easily indoor and outdoor.
  • Video projections and looping photo montages. 
  • Our brand ambassadors can wear the colors of your brand, your business, or wear a monochrome « oner-piece pièce » uniform.

Marketing benefits :

  • Cover a large audience in a very short time. (Possible version in Roller-Blade) 
  • Dynamic display of multiple videos in loop on a LCD screens. 
  • Perfect for a day or evening promotion. 

Technical specifications:

  • Rechargeable battery life : 5 hours with a full charge. 
  • Ability to put the screen in self-supporting mode in a strategic place. 

Dimensions, forms and weight : 

  • Screen dimension : 32’’ 
  • Available in portrait or landscape format. 
  • Weight : 20 pounds

The perfect solution for : 

  • Shows, conventions, movies theater , concerts, sportive events. 
  • Festivals, launches, parks, streets, metro and much more !