Name : Klick-it               Category : Mobile 

For smashing and large events, think of Klick it! Capture every moment with this giant camera, hidden in a huge sphere in the colours of your brand, launches into the crowd to immortalize and then broadcast the photos taken on a giant screen! An original visibility that stands out! 

Dare Klick-it and enjoy the moment !

Features : 

  • Taking a digital live shot during a show or other major events. 
  • Allow maximum impact and visibility of the sponsors. 
  • High definition digital capture that can be broadcast on giant screens.

Marketing benefits:

  • Display possible 360 degrees, larger than life, that we can see from far away and at night.
  • Dynamic and constant interaction with the public.
  • Double  promotional impact : 1- Display of the logo on a huge balloon. 2- During the retransmission of photos incorporating the logo on the giant screens. 

Technical  specifications:

  • Plan 4 m3  of helium to make the balloon operational.

Dimensions and weights : 

  • Dimension : 2 meters of diameter. 
  • Weight : 20 pound. Weight felt with the mix-air-helium: 5 pound. 

The perfect solution for : 

  • Big outdoor events such as: concerts, sportives events, F1.
  • Festivals, launches, arenas, stadium, and much more!