Flag Man

Name : Flag Man               Catégorie : Mobile 

Features : 

  • Mobile promotional flags that can be used indoor or outdoor. 
  • Light and very versatile. 
  • Possible variation of flags, sign type: bubble, thoughts, and other symbols.
  • Our brand ambassadors can wear the colors of your brand, your business, or wear a monochrome « oner-piece pièce » uniform.

Marketing benefits :

  • Cover a large audience in a very short time. (Possible version in Roller-Blade)
  • Single-sided or double-sided display that can be seen from a distance. 
  • Versatile and economical.

Dimensions, formats and weights : 

  • Front to back dimension:
  • Weight : 7 lbs
  • Formats : feather, drop, rectangular. *Possibility of an exclusive design.

Ideal for : 

  • Shows, conventions, shopping malls, concerts, sportives events. 
  • Festivals, launches, parks, streets, metro and lot more!