E Walk

Name : E Walk               Category : Mobile 

To stand out from other promotional services, the E Walk with its futuristic style enjoys unparalleled visibility! These large master spheres certainly attract the attention of consumers from great distances by broadcasting projections of photos or videos. The E Walk is perfect for creating a unique concept combining sphere and multimedia. Extravagant and flashy, the E Walk are to try in your next event!

Features : 

  • Possibility to customize the Ewalk with the colors of your brand. 
  • Mobile sphere of 1 meter in diameter for promotional travel indoor or outdoor.
  • Lightweight, versatile and durable. Integrated inflatable auto system.  
  • Our Brand ambassadors can wear the colors of the product or your company.

Marketing benefits :

  • Cover a large audience in a very short time. Possible version : in Roller-Blade.
  • Versatile multimedia projections with multimédias 180 degree display.
  • Dynamic display with enormous power of attraction, strong visibility during the evening.
  • Allows multiples displays options: videos, photo montages, PowerPoint or other LIVE multimedia tools.

Technical specifications :

  • Projector of ________ lumens.
  • Battery life : more than 4 hours with full charge.
  • Need to get the material to broadcast 5 business days before the event.

Dimensions and waits : 

  • Sphere : 1 meter of diameter. 
  • Weight : 15 pounds

Ideal for : 

  • Shows, conventions, shopping center, concerts, sportive events. 
  • Festivals, parades, parks, streets, metro, launches and much more!