Name : Cirka                 Catégorie : Mobile or Static 

UTURN Promo offers a wide variety of artists coming from performing arts to the circus shows. Cirka will attracts your audience with their performances and keep them captivated with interactive and branded content. To capture the attention of your customers, our street entertainer, acrobats, jugglers, dancers, wizards, and many others could juggle your product or  make something new  appear in a spectacular way ! Creativity is at the very heart of Cirka along with a unique and delightfully unexpected experience. 

Make your next event stand out with an experience like no other !

Features : 

  • Tailor-made and exclusive creation of an artistic show featuring your products or services with acrobatic, magical and spectaculars !
  • A large selection of professional artists from the world of entertainment to create a wow moment to your futur clientele. 

Marketing benefits :

  • An « artistic marketing stunt » who will surely become viral on social networks. 
  • Memorable performance in front of the audience that creates a « buzz » around your brand.
  • Ideal for unveiling a new product or service. 

Technical and artistic specifications :

  • Turnkey formula including : staging, art direction, casting, complete costume design, set design, stage design, sound system, lighting, special effects, etc.  

Dimensions : 

  • According to the parameters of the service. 

Ideal for : 

  • Concerts, sportives events shows, conventions.  
  • Festivals, launch, parks, street and much more !