Brand Quizz

Name : Brand Quizz             Category : Static 

Do you want the audience to know more about your company while having fun? Dare the interactive quiz and had a touch of humour if you wish animated by our solid team of Lead Pro! A great way to capture the attention of a broad audience while showcasing  your product and service using participatory interaction.

Dare the Brand Quizz and have fun with your consumers !

Features : 

  • Interactive quizz (humorous or not) showcasing your products or services.
  • Possibility of display at the front of the quiz furniture as well as at the back and on the sides.
  • Moves easily with a quick and easy connection.
  • Can be done both indoor and outdoor, ideally on a small stage of 12’ X 8’. 

Marketing benefits : 

  • Captures the attention of a large audience at each intervention. 
  • Can easily be paired with a promotional contest and or a prize giving.
  • Fits any type of clientele regardless of ages or languages. 

Technical specifications :

  • Need an electrical outlet of 15 AMP.
  • Includes : complete sound system with a wireless microphone and music.
  • Includes : the tripod facade lighting to cover about 10’ X 10’ and more.

Dimensions : 

  • Furniture : 3’ wide X 4’ high X 2’ de profond.
  • Display in front of  the furniture : 2’ wide X 1’ high.
  • Multiples displays options : behind the furniture and or on both sides.

Ideal for : 

  • Animation on a stage
  • Animation in a kiosk.
  • Parties, festivals, conventions, shows, launches, shopping center and more!
  • All type of events both indoor and outdoor.