Flag Fix

Name : Flag Fix            Category : Static 

To attract attention and get noticed from afar, Flag Fix are the choice par excellence. They allow for large-scale display at a lower cost and blend seamlessly with other types of promotions. They can help to define a promotional area or give indications to consumers at a major event.

The Flag Fix is perfect for “seeing big”!

Features : 

  • Flag bearers of type « beach flag »  for indoors and outdoors events.
  • Allows visibility from far, easy installation s’installe facilement et peut se déplacer très rapidement.
  • Perfect for delineating a promotional area and direct the participants. 

Marketing benefits:

  • Maximize display on the front and back.
  • Low production costs and savings in hanging fees. 
  • Allows the display of several sponsors. 

Dimensions, shapes and formes : 

  • Possible dimensions : from 6’ to 14’ height.
  • Possibles shapes: drop, feather, rectangular.
  • With shapes - possible dimensions: from 6' to 14' high.
  • Possible shapes: drop, feather, rectangular.

Ideal for : 

  • Shows, shopping centers, concerts, sportive events. 
  • Festivals, stadiums, launches and much more !