Vanessa Gaudreau

Vanessa Gaudreau

Vanessa is a graphic designer for whom creation has always been an integral part of her professional and personal career, to the point that her favorite tape recorder when she was a child was a recording of several advertisements made by her mother. It is no wonder that she has continued her journey to theworld of graphic communications!

His greatest pride? The company it founded in 2014, which allows it to dowhat motivates it the most every day; to support its clients and employees inthe design of their visual identity, to create tailor-made products for them andto develop tools and marketing strategies that will illustrate their values andhistory.

Thanks to her beautiful encounters during her career, she develops newpassions, such as event management, marketing and social media.

Vanessa is described as a passionate and ambitious person and the desire to learn endlessly is her greatest strength.

His motto of life? There is no problem, only creative solutions!