Tag Man

Name : Tag Man                Category : Static  

In a large event, there is nothing better to display yourbrand than to create your image live! Thanks to ourprofessional painter, your product enjoys unparalleledvisibility, from its elaboration to its final unveiling!Everyone likes watching an artist work to see all thedetails and passion he puts into a work. It is aperformance that undeniably marks the minds!

Features  :

  • Custom and live creation of your brand image by one or more artists.
  • Making the mural on a real wall or built according to the desired dimensions.
  • Allows you to create a display for an event that is out of the ordinary!

Marketing Benefits :

  • Watch live, the creation of the mural... perfect for a spectacular unveiling!
  • Captures the attention of a large audience and is seen from far away.
  • Possibility of a 360 degree display and for a bigger impact, add a musical performance.
  • Ideally made outside for a maximum impact during the day or night.

Technical specifications :

  • Possible painting types : can or acrylic
  • Customized design of a metal or wooden structure to hold the wall.
  • Turnkey package including: protective covers, painting, sketching, wood, metal structure, lightning for evening event, sound system, etc...

Dimensions :

  • The dimension are almost unlimited on an existing wall.
  • Exemples of possible formats : 8’ X 12’, 12’ X 20’, 16’ X 32’, etc.

The perfect solution for :

  • Outdoor concerts, outdoor sporting events, F1.
  • Festivals, launches, parks, streets and much more !