Hi Head

Name : Hi Head                Category : Mobile 

For an original promotion , Hi Heads are the solution.These backlit helmets are perfect for day and evening promotions. They match well with ambassadors dressed in monochrome or with the colors of your company, who can distribute promotional products or pamphlets in major events. Versatile, Hi Heads are a great way to get noticed in a simple way ! 

Features : 

  • Mini portable sign worn on the head for promotions indoor or outdoors.
  • Very versatile, original and inexpensive. 
  • Brand ambassadors can wear the colors of the product, your service, your company or a monochrome one piece. 

Marketing benefits:

  • Versatile display on the front and back. 
  • Backlit sign, perfect for a daylight or evening promotion.

Technical specifications :

  • LED backlit sign
  • Battery life : more than 6 hours with a full charge. 

Dimensions and weight : 

  • Front and back dimension : 20 x 14 inches
  • Weight : 3 pounds

Ideal for : 

  • Shows, shopping center, concerts, sportive events. 
  • Festivals, parties, streets, parks, launches, metro and much more!